Volume 8 | No.4 | July 2024 | ISSN: 2456-5571

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Table of Contents
1 Spiral Pathway of Almost Everything Dr.Binod Dhakal
2 Teacher -Learner Bond- An Integral Aspect of Effective Teaching Dr.Rema.V
3 Exploration of Enriching Diversity and Societal Veracity in Modern India in the Novel 'The White Tiger' Dr.Rashmi Panwar
4 Analyzing Human Resource Challenges in the Growth of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Engaged in the Manufacturing Sector in Palghar, Maharashtra Dr.Swapnali Sunil Jangle
5 Prātimokṣa (Patimokkha) Vows: An Informative Study based on Abhidharmakośakārikā by Vasubandhu Sanjib Kumar Das
6 Le Regard : Discours Sur la Culture Visuelle Chez Nelly Arcan Dr.Nimisha Joshi
7 Beyond His-Story: Exploring the Forgotten Narratives of Women’s Contribution towards Indian History Rachna Shivaraman
8 Mythical Tales, Magical Realms, and the Realities of The Mistress of Spices Sristy Sharma & Dr.Devendra Kumar Sharma
9 Nature's Voice in Fiction: A Comprehensive Study of Ecocritical Elements in Modern Novels Pragya Gauttam
10 Diaspora Concerns and Female Subjugation in A Cycle of the Moon Thejaswi D.Nair & Dr.Prajith.PK
11 My World is Cactus Thorns: Intersections of Disability and Environmentalism in Naomi Ortiz’s Rituals for Climate Change Xavier Menezes
12 Graphic Vulnerability: Performative Masculinity in Joshy Benedict’s The Pig Flip Ajay.M
13 Examining Psychological Turmoil: A Freudian Analysis of Guilt, Repression, and the Unconscious in Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment Pradeep Saklani
14 A Hidden Narrative: Examining the Emissary’s Position in Browning’s 'My Last Duchess' Nazm Us Saqib
15 Dalit Women Consciousness and Expression of Resistance in Urmila Pawar’s The Weave of My Life: A Dalit Woman’s Memoir Roopa Rani.G.S & Dr.K.Charles Godwin
16 Beyond Monsters: Humanity in Frankenstein's Creature and Milton's Satan Aakriti Gupta & Hemchandra Nameirakpam
17 Critical Appreciation of The Color Purple in Relation to Beloved Namrata Saraswat & Hemchandra Nameirakpam
18 Villainizing Women in Mythology Lata Badoni & Hemchandra Nameirakpam
19 The Burden of Being: Grappling with Existence and Identity in Mrs. Dalloway Navya Shukla & Hemchandra Nameirakpam
20 Shylock at the Crossroads of Commerce, Christianity, and Culture Swapnil Shashwat & Hemchandra Nameirakpam
21 Jane Eyre to Wide Sargasso Sea: Transition of Character of Bertha Mason Preeti Sharma & Hemchandra Nameirakpam
22 Nature in William Wordsworth's Poetry Vania Syed & Hemchandra Nameirakpam
23 Memory, Blindness, and Generational Trauma in 'The Blind Lady’s Descendants' Avani.K
24 Sailing to Supremacy: The Naval Expedition of Rajendra Chola on South East Asia R.S.Subhiksha
25 London Mission Society: Social Activities in the Erode Region T.Sakthisri
26 Hierarchization of Urban Space and Stereotyping: A Study on the Representation of People and Places from the Urban Margins in Select Malayalam Films Arundev.VR
27 After Rebirth: Transformation of Harry Joy from a Capitalist to a Storyteller in Peter Carey’s Bliss D.Anitha
28 Invasive Species and Ecosystem Disruption: Evaluating the Consequences of Territorial Intrusion in Kaala Paani Garret Raja Immanuel.S & Nivedha.B.M
29 சித்தரில் புத்தர் க.ராஜ்குமார் & முனைவர் க.சிங்காரவேலு
30 The Infantilization of Women through Literature Kirti & Hemchandra Nameirakpam
31 Desdemona as a Subversive Daughter and Submissive Wife: Reading Shakespeare’s Othello Dr.Geeta
32 Bhartṛhari’s Sphoṭa Theory and Saussure’s Sign Theory Prabhakar Upadhyay
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